Maintaining a luxuriously thick and green lawn often requires use of fertilizers and pesticides in order to eradicate pests and insects and promote growth of trees and shrubs. However, when using any kind of lawn sprays, it is important to choose the one that is environmentally friendly and safe.

Chandler’s Lawn Service offers safe and sustainable lawn spraying services that utilize non-toxic yet effective organic pesticides and fertilizers.

These sprays contain the right amount of chemicals required to kill the weeds, pests, and insects, while posing no danger to the plants as well as humans. The lawn spraying services offered by Chandler’s Lawn Service include:

Fertilizer Spray

Proper maintenance and care of a lawn requires use of different fertilizers that can nourish plants and shrubs to the roots and promote their growth. Chandler’s Lawn Service utilizes fertilizers that are sustainable and safe and help you achieve best results from your landscaping investment.

Depending on your terrain and the climate, Chandler’s develops a customized fertilization plan that takes care of your lawn’s fertilization needs throughout the year and helps you achieve your desired color and thickness.

Weed Control Spray

With over two decade of experience serving the lawn care industry, Chandler’s experts can help you identify any weed growth and eliminate it before it enhances the value and aesthetic appeal of your landscaping investment.

Chandler’s Lawn Service develops a seasonal weed control plan to eliminate all common types of weeds, including dandelions, Japanese clover, knotweed, crabgrass, and annual bluegrass. The weed control regime developed by the Chandler’s experts perfectly complements the needs of your turf and prevents weeds from stealing the moisture and nutrients from the soil.

Shrub Care

In order to maintain thick, vibrant shrubs and flower beds, it is important that you take care of their nourishment and keep them protected from pesky pests and insects that may eat away their lushness. Chandler’s lawn spraying services involve shrub care sprays that protect your shrubs and flower beds against different lawn diseases and insects and preserve their lushness.

In addition to this, the Chandler’s shrub care regime also utilizes various fertilization sprays and liquid injections that promote the growth of shrubs and flower beds and give them a voluminous, luxurious look.

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Protect your valuable landscaping investment from any kind of pests and weeds with Chandler’s lawn spraying services. By opting Chandler’s, you can be satisfied knowing that the fertilizers and pesticides used pose no danger to the health and wellbeing of your family.

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