An artistically designed, beautiful landscape is probably the most valuable asset of any residential and commercial property. But once the sun sets down, thick veils of darkness conceal its beauty and limit the usability of your lawn.

Illuminate Your Outdoors

Chandler’s Lawn Service helps you illuminate the pathways and outdoors of your property with its outdoor lighting services. With over 25 years experience of serving customers in the lawn care industry, the company has developed the perfect blend of creativity and technique required to enhance the details of your landscape design with outdoor lighting fixtures.

Outdoor lighting is perhaps the best way to transform the landscape and outdoor living space of any property. It not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the landscape, but also makes it safe and more usable during the dark hours.

To help you accentuate the beauty and functionality of your property’s unique landscape, Chandler’s Lawn Service offers a variety of outdoor lighting options, including:

Accent Lighting

Perfect to highlight the unique features of your property, accent lighting adds elegance and vibrancy to your landscape in a subtle manner.

Architectural Lighting

Best suited for homes and properties that are considered an architectural landmark, Chandler’s architectural lighting give a warm, rustic feeling to your landscape design while maintaining its original look and elegance.

Pool Lighting

Enhance the swimming experience with the energy efficient pool lighting offered by Chandler’s lawn service. Utilizing cutting edge technology, these lights draw attention at the first sight and deliver great energy savings.

Landscape Lighting

Utilizing soft, natural night lighting, Chandler’s Lawn Service helps you create a warm, subtly illuminated outdoor environment where you can relax with your friends and family or host a major corporate event.

Path Lighting

Without The outdoor lighting fixtures offered by Chandler’s add creative touches to your landscape while illuminating the pathways in a soft, non-glaring manner.

Find Out More

Whether you’re seeking a pre-installation consultation with an outdoor lighting expert or you want to upgrade your existing lighting system, Chandler’s Lawn Service can help you with its wide array of landscape lighting services. From nighttime demonstrations to residential and commercial lighting maintenance, Chandler’s experts can help you create the perfect outdoor environment for your family and your visitors.

To learn more about the outdoor lighting solutions and services provided by Chandler’s Lawn Service, please call at 662 895 4110.