From installing outdoor lighting fixtures to lawn spraying services for efficient pest and weed control, Chandler’s makes sure that your lawn becomes an extension of your home décor with its comprehensive range of services that cover every aspect of landscape design, construction, and maintenance.

Landscape Design / Build

Chandler’s Lawn Service has a team of experienced contractors and landscaping experts who transform limited spaces, terraces, and barren pieces of land into a highly functional, gorgeous outdoor space packed with amenities.

Landscape Maintenance

Chandler’s Lawn Service strives to make landscape maintenance more convenient and hassle-free for its clients. Therefore, the company offers a wide range of maintenance service as a part of its landscape maintenance contract at a reasonable price.


Chandler’s Lawn Service helps you plan, design, and install the irrigation system that reduces the risk of flooding or drought and helps you maintain a lawn that adds to the curb appeal of your property.

Outdoor Lighting

An artistically designed, beautiful landscape is probably the most valuable asset of any residential and commercial property.

Spray / Treatment

From weed control to aeration and shrub care, Chandler’s lawn care services cater to all your needs. The company utilizes its unique combination of over two decades of experience, access to high quality human resources, and a passion to fulfill to exceed its customers’ expectations to transform the look and feel of just about any lawn.

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