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Our Services

Landscape Design / Build

Chandler’s Lawn Service has a team of experienced contractors and landscaping experts who transform limited spaces, terraces, and barren pieces of land into a highly functional, gorgeous outdoor space packed with amenities.

Landscape Maintenance

Chandler’s Lawn Service strives to make landscape maintenance more convenient and hassle-free for its clients. Therefore, the company offers a wide range of maintenance service as a part of its landscape maintenance contract at a reasonable price.


Chandler’s Lawn Service helps you plan, design, and install the irrigation system that reduces the risk of flooding or drought and helps you maintain a lawn that adds to the curb appeal of your property.

Outdoor Lighting

An artistically designed, beautiful landscape is probably the most valuable asset of any residential and commercial property.

Spray / Treatment

From weed control to aeration and shrub care, Chandler’s lawn care services cater to all your needs. The company utilizes its unique combination of over two decades of experience, access to high quality human resources, and a passion to fulfill to exceed its customers’ expectations to transform the look and feel of just about any lawn.

about us


Great landscapes start at the roots, which is why Chandler’s Lawn Service, located in Olive Branch, MS offers you complete lawn care and landscaping services so that you can transform your outdoor space into a healthy, vibrant lawn that you have always wanted.

With its in-depth expertise and extensive experience of building and maintaining thousands of landscapes, the company knows what it takes to sustain the lushness and greenery of a landscape through four seasons. The experts at Chandler’s not only ensure that your lawn looks luxurious and healthy at all times, they also use subtle yet dramatic outdoor lighting fixtures so that the visitors can appreciate the beauty of your landscaping investment during dark hours of the day as well.

Frequently asked questions

Please make sure to allow access to your property by keeping gates unlocked and pets inside your home on scheduled service days.
What type of seed is used for overseeding treatment?

Chandler's focuses on grass seed varieties that are best suited for your geographical area and the grass-type in your lawn. The seed applied to Chandler's customers' lawns has excellent purity and expected germination potential. These high quality seed varieties have shown improved disease and drought tolerance in university trials.

What are the options for paying my bill?

Customers are encouraged to sign up for our AutoPay service so ensure they never miss a payment.

What does your fertilizer consist of?

We use a different fertilizer each time we’re there.  We apply the proper amount of the proper nutrients throughout the season.

What areas does Chandler's serve?

We offer landscaping services in Memphis, its surrounding suburbs, and North Mississippi for both commercial and residential customers.

Does Memphis have special landscaping needs?

The Midsouth like all areas of the US have certain plants that are indigenous to Memphis and the surrounding area. Chandler's is an expert in local Memphis landscaping and what plants are best suited for our climate.

why choose us


Over the past 25 years, Chandler’s Lawn Service has built a strong reputation as the most reliable and quality-conscious lawn care and landscaping company. The company has built this reputation by delivery the most responsive and reliable superior quality services to its customers every single time.

Unlike many other companies in the industry, Chandler’s takes its time to understand the needs, expectations, and budgeting constraints of its clients and develops a customized plan that perfectly caters to their lawn maintenance and landscaping needs while ensuring that they don’t feel burdened by the costs. In addition to the provision of quality services at fair prices, customers choose Chandler’s Lawn Service time and again for the following reasons:


Hiring a company to work on your property requires great trust. Chandler’s values the trust of its customers in its services and strives to achieve the highest level of craftsmanship and professionalism to enhance the customers’ experience of working with Chandler’s.


At Chandler’s, it is a common understanding that customers, especially businesses, expect agility and great customer service when they hire a lawn care and landscaping company. Therefore, the company responds to all service calls immediately in order to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


Landscape design is an art and Chandler’s has mastered that art with practice. Combining their creative flair with proven landscaping techniques, the experts at Chandler’s design and build landscapes that become landmarks because of their uniqueness and rare beauty.


Customer testimonials

“Chandler’s has done an impressive job renovating my home’s landscape. The yard looks fabulous and it has completely transformed our property from the outside.”

Residential Customer

“We hired Chandler’s in an attempt to enhance the value of our commercial property. The work they did made a big difference in helping us find clients and sell our property fast.”

Commercial Client

“I highly recommend Chandler’s to any business looking for a PROFESSIONAL lawn care company. We have been working with them for the last three years and I never had a complaint with their services. They are always there when we face an urgent need and make sure that everything looks immaculately cleaned and manicured.”

Commercial Client