8 Summer Landscaping Trends

Summer is officially here and that means spending time outside. You're going to want a yard you actually want to spend time in. To help, we've pulled together some of the top summer landscaping trends of 2023. They'll help you create the perfect backyard oasis.

  1. Bold Colors and Personality
    The all-neutral décor is getting old. Bright and bold hues are enlivening outdoor settings this summer. Vivid reds and electric blues carry positive energy and personality wherever they are placed. Personalize your outdoor hangout with art and accent pieces.
  2. Rugs
    The simplest way to add color and texture to your yard is with an outdoor rug. Textiles not only add visual impact, but they can also play a functional role.
  3. Vertical Gardens
    By building a vertical wall garden, you can make use of peripheral structures to your advantage. Planting framework options include tall trellises and hanging planters. In any outdoor oasis, they add a touch of greenery without taking up a lot of space.
  4. Mixed Materials
    Utilizing a variety of materials can add depth to an outdoor refuge in an eye-catching way. You can add drama and interest to your home's surroundings by combining metal, wood, and stone.
  5. Statement Lighting
    With thoughtfully placed lighting and one-of-a-kind fixtures, your property will stand out both day and night. There are so many options available for adding illumination to your surroundings that there is no limit to what can be done.
  6. Sustainable Materials
    In recent years, the sustainable home decor market has grown rapidly, including the outdoor sector. Natural, recycled, and upcycled furniture and supplies are becoming increasingly popular - adding a special touch while also benefiting the environment.
  7. Temporary Appliances
    Your patio kitchen can do it all with portable gadgets! It's easy and fun to entertain outside with less-permanent appliances like pizza ovens, mini fire pits, and rolling bar carts.
  8. Edible Landscapes
    In the summer, nothing tastes better than fresh produce and herbs picked right from the garden. Creating a space for gardens and food growth enhances your backyard and enhances your cooking, no matter what the size.

No matter what updates you want to make to your outdoor oasis, Chandler's is here to help! Contact us today to discuss adding seasonal color, outdoor lighting, and landscaping structures to your yard.