From weed control to aeration and shrub care, Chandler’s lawn care services cater to all your needs. The company utilizes its unique combination of over two decades of experience, access to high quality human resources, and a passion to fulfill to exceed its customers’ expectations to transform the look and feel of just about any lawn.


Everyone wants to keep the grass greener on their side of the fence, but very few actually realize the importance of conducting yearly core aeration. It’s a valuable activity that improves the penetrability of the soil and allows water, minerals, and other nutrients to go to the roots of your lawn, creating the perfect premium carpet-like layer of grass that your neighbors will envy.  

As strenuous as valuable it is, aeration requires assistance from an expert who has an extensive experience of providing lawn seeding and aeration services to a number of clients. Therefore, to help you with this task, Chandler’s  provides expert aeration and overseeding services to both residential and commercial customers in the Midsouth. Our company has helped maintained thousands of its clients a thick, lush green lawn where they can lie relax and unwind.


High traffic can cause compaction of the soil, which consequently reduces its water and nutrient absorbing properties causing the root and grass growth to diminish. Lawn aeration is a process that breaks down the soil compacts and improves the penetration of water and nutrients into the soil, creating a ground that is fertile and soft to touch.

When deciding to do lawn aeration, it is important that you choose the right time based on the grass type and area. Some lawns deliver best results when aerated at the beginning of the growing season, while others do better when aerated at the end.

There are certain signs that you may look for in order to determine whether your lawn needs aeration or not:

  • Thatch layer which is thicker than one-half inch
  • Water puddling following rain showers
  • Grass that looks thin or is present in patches
  • Heavy clay soil
  • Lawns used for parking of vehicles

If you’re still unsure, you may consider calling Chandler’s at 662-895-4110. We are happy to provide our expert Memphis lawn care services.


Insects and diseases can destroy your lawn’s greenery very quickly if left untreated. In order to protect your landscaping investment from these deadly diseases, it is important that you diagnose and treat these infections at an early stage before they damage the health of your trees and shrubs. To help you treat all these diseases and restore the health and lush appearance of your lawn, Chandler’s provides insect control and disease treatment services to its clients.


Insects are an important component of our ecosystem, but some of them are rather dangerous to the health of your plants. Therefore, it is important that keep an eye of the presence of these insects and call Chandler’s at their first sight.Some of the lawn insects that may destroy your landscape include:


If your shrubs and trees have developed a yellow spotty appearance, particularly in the summer, this could be a sign of lace bugs breeding. Just like aphids, lace bugs suck the fluids from your shrubs and trees, causing them to suffer from water and nutrients deficiency.


While beetles usually feed on dried plants and trees, they may also attack the leaves, seeds, and even fruits in your garden, affecting both its appearance and production.


Distorted and discolored leaves and stems are indicative of the aphids’ presence. These small insects are found in large groups on plants and therefore, can be easily detected through the naked eye. They suck sap from the leaves and stems of your shrubs and trees, causing them to look old and discolored.


Belonging to the family of spiders and ticks, mites can infest your garden and make the leaves look wilted. They may also cause thinning of shrubs and trees and make your lawn look old and worn out.

In addition to the species mentioned here, there are a number of other varieties that may infest your garden and damage it. To learn more, it is best to contact the experts. Call at 662-895-4110.


Just like humans, plants may also get sick due to infections caused by various insects and illnesses that spread through water, air, or soil. What’s encouraging to know is that the signs and symptoms of these diseases are very apparent on trees and shrubs, making it easier for you to determine when to call a lawn care expert to provide treatment to the sick plants.Chandler’s has the resources and expertise required to treat a number of lawn diseases, including:


Black spots on leaves and other parts of a plant are the sign of a fungal infection. These are most likely to occur during the spring and lead to creation of an ugly black spotty appearance.


If your shrubs and trees have developed a yellow spotty appearance, particularly in the summer, this could be a sign of lace bugs breeding. Just like aphids, lace bugs suck the fluids from your shrubs and trees, causing them to suffer from water and nutrients deficiency.


Rust has nothing to do with an artistic rustic appearance. Instead, it’s a fungal infection that affects leaves, fruits, stems, and other plant parts and leads to their discoloration. In the long-run, it may also lead to stunting and prevent your plants from growing into a healthy mature tree.


Leaf spot is probably the ugliest of all lawn diseases. In its initial stages, it causes leaf coloration and, with time, the infected parts start to dry up and fall out leading to creation of small holes in the leaf.

Without proper upkeep and maintenance, your lawn may get infected with any of these diseases. The best way to prevent them is to hire the services of a professional lawn care company that can take care of your plants and shrubs and ensure their optimal health.

Chandler’s Turf Pro

Lawns are sensitive little ecosystems that require regular care and upkeep. However, even after doing all the right stuff, such as aeration, fertilization, and overseeding, if the lawn looks brown and patchy then it probably needs services of a lawn care expert who can conduct a lawn assessment, identify the root cause of the problem, and develop a plan to create the stellar lush green surface that you desire.

To help keep your lawn looking green and healthy all year around, Chandler’s Turf Pro offers lawn care services. From weed treatments to fertilization, the skilled and experienced team of Chandler’s Turf Pro has experience of working with various soil varieties with diverse lawn care needs.

Lawn care plans

Chandler’s Turf Pro has developed different lawn care plans to eliminate any lawn diseases and insects and maintain the lushness of your lawn. Depending on the season and the lawn’s soil variety, one can choose any of the following plans to let Chandler’s Turf Pro help them care for a lawn that looks amazing throughout the year, and not just in the spring.


Spring is that time of the year when the lawn is actively growing and, as a result, has high feeding and fertilization needs. Not only it is important to mow the lawn regularly in the spring season, but one should also look out for the signs any lawn disease or insect. Chandler’s Turf Pro’s spring treatment plan caters to all these needs with its wide array of lawn care services which include:

  • Monitoring of lawn diseases, insects, and pests
  • Application of lawn pest treatment to control and kill insects
  • Application of fertilizer to boost lawn growth over the warmer months of the year
  • Application of nutrients to bring lawn out of its winter’s dormant phase

The summer season brings the glorious warmer days when everyone wants to spend hours in their lawn enjoying different outdoor activities with their family. However, this is also the time when the lawn is most likely to look dry and barren if proper fertilization and moisture control techniques are not used. Chandler’s Turf Pro’s summer treatment plan helps you avoid this by providing you the following services:

  • Application of soil moisture retainers to make the lawn look healthy and green.
  • Control of summer weed infestation to prevent various lawn diseases.
  • Application of slow release nitrogen to ensure uniform growth rate throughout the plant.


The autumn treatment plan is designed to prepare a lawn for the dryer months of the year. The plan focuses on improving the root strength so that the lawn does not look patchy and dry in the colder months of the year. Following services are included in Chandler’s Turf Pro’s autumn plan:

  • Weed control treatment
  • Application of soil conditioners to improve root strength and soil structure
  • Lawn insects and pest control
  • Soil amendments and ph control


Winter is the time when people spend the least amount of time in their lawn and, as a result, are unlikely to think about lawn care. However, it is important to keep up with lawn care even in Memphis winters to ensure a beautiful, lush green lawn in other seasons of the year. Chandler’s winter treatment plan includes the following services:

  • Application of soil moisture to make the lawn look healthy and green.
  • Control of summer weed infestations to prevent various lawn diseases
  • Application of slow release nitrogen to ensure uniform growth rate throughout the plant.


A beautiful, lush green lawn can instantly enhance the value of curb appeal of a home. However, its care and upkeep requires significant amount of time and efforts. Chandler’s Turf Pro helps you keep up with your lawn care needs with its comprehensive lawn care services. To learn more, please call at 662-895-4110.